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Benefits for research alliances

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Making use of the services of GeCo-GenderConsulting can have the following advantages:

  • Helping the project achieve excellence, diversity, and innovation by supporting female researchers and researchers with children in performing to their full potential
  • Acquiring an image as a family-friendly and gender-equal research project and therefore increasing attractiveness to top international researchers
  • Expertise from the Central Women’s Representative, assuring the quality of gender equality measures: Investing in proven, sustainable, experience-based, HU-specific gender equality measures
  • Being a part of the HU’s comprehensive equal opportunity strategy, the Caroline von Humboldt programme, under the aegis of the Presidential Committee
  • Reduced coordinator workload through use of GeCo services
  • Increased prospect of positive reviews for subsequent DFG-proposals by showing your engagement in equal opportunity and your proven track record of spending gender equality funds wisely

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