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Monday, 16 May 2022

Motherhood and Academia: Reading and Discussion

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Monday, 16 May 2022, 5-7 p.m.




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On the occasion of the International Day of the Family, BIH invites you to a reading from the book “Mutterschaft und Wissenschaft. Die (Un-)Vereinbarkeit von Mutterbild und wissenschaftlicher Tätigkeit” by Sarah Czerney, Lena Eckert and Silke Martin, followed by a discussion.

The Corona pandemic has clearly shown what was already visible before: We are far away from gender equality. This is true for society as well as for science. The gender care gap, or corona gap, shows itself in significantly lower publishing rates during the pandemic among mother_scholars than among male scholars. This also applies to the acquisition of third-party funding, the development of new research projects and conference attendance.

The book “Mutterschaft und Wissenschaft” explores the tension between motherhood and science – not only in times of Corona. In it, the authors bring together the voices of scientists who deal with the topic of “whether or not to have children” in very personal texts, and in doing so address and question the rigid image of motherhood that is still prevalent in Germany in a variety of ways. The aim is to explore the different personal and professional experiences of (non-)mothers working in science.

In this reading, the editors and authors will provide a glimpse at the texts, with the goal of exploring the tension between motherhood and science in a subsequent discussion. A sample of the book is available here.

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