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RTG 2575

Rethinking Quantum Field Theory
Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Jan Plefka
Coordinator Dr. Allison Pinto
Contact Details +49(30)2093-66443


Institut für Physik
RTG 2575 Rethinking Quantum Field Theory
Zum großen Windkanal 6
12489 Berlin

Research Programme

RTG 2575 brings together more than 25 doctoral and 2 postdoctoral researchers working on recent innovations in quantum field theory (QFT) and theoretical particle physics. The research activities of the RTG focus on the following challenges for current research in QFT:

  • Establishing novel tools for high precision QFT predictions combined with agnostic approaches in the search for new physics beyond the standard model.
  • Accessing the strong coupling regime in QFTs by employing innovative methods and dualities.
  • Unraveling hidden algebraic structures and dualities in QFTs, thereby clarifying their role in the quest for quantum gravity.

The research agenda of the RTG is to work on on these challenges by questioning and improving the foundations and traditional methods in QFT as well as quickly transferring advances made in one sector of our fields to another.

The research projects are supervised by 13 principal investigators, all of them internationally well-established researchers affiliated with the Institute of Physics at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, DESY or the Max Planck Institut für Gravitationsphysik.

Promoting Gender Equality and Family Friendliness in CRC 1404

Flexible child care: Doctoral researchers with young children will receive support in terms of computers and/or printers for arranging a home office space such that flexible work becomes easier.

Coaching: Train-the-trainers programs/events to increase awareness of gender equality issues.

Mentoring: Participation in the program Women in Natural Sciences (WiNS) Adlershof to support female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. The program consists of workshops, a mentoring program and accompanying networking events.

Networking: Substantial fraction of female speakers at RTG colloquia and retreats. They will serve as role models and provide networking opportunities for our female RTG researchers.

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