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EXC 2002

Science of Intelligence
Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Oliver Brock
Coordinator Kathleen Waak
Contact Details +49 30 314 73848

Technische Universität Berlin
Science of Intelligence (SCIoI)
Marchstr. 23
10587 Berlin, Germany

Research Programme

Understanding intelligence is one of the great scientific challenges of our time. Yet in spite of extensive research efforts spanning many scientific disciplines, our understanding remains fragmented and incomplete. Until now, the involved disciplines were segregated, each producing its own theories and empirical findings about aspects of intelligence. But these theories and findings remain disconnected and sometimes inconsistent. SCIoI marks a turning point: It attains cohesion among those disciplines and is a unified scientific endeavour towards an understanding of intelligence.

Photo of EXC 2002 research
Photo: Felix Noak, copyright


Photo of EXC 2002 research
Photo: Felix Noak, copyright

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