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Why promote equal opportunities?
Researchers and staff from the academic community talk about their experiences.

Photo of SciencEquality members


"We would like to provide a tool to everybody who wants to challenge the current status quo of inequality and patriarchy - Think globally, act locally!"
Photo of Anne Freese

Anne Freese

"We can’t let ourselves be satisfied with the status quo, because it doesn’t do justice to all of us."
Photo of Kimberly Mason

Kimberly Mason

"There will be more acceptance and uptake of equal opportunity measures within an institution if people in high positions give their vocal support."
Photo of Bettina Schmidt

Bettina Schmidt

"Feminist literature provided me with the language to give the elephant in my mind a name: gender bias."
Photo of Mary Louise Grossman

Mary Louise Grossman

"To ensure that recruitment and scientific review processes of all kinds are fair and unbiased, we need to create spaces for informed and constructive dialogue."
Photo of Yee Lee Shing

Yee Lee Shing

"I have been generally lucky during my career with mentors who are supportive of work-life balance."
Photo of Andrew Plested

Andrew Plested

"Enforcing equality is not only fairer, it's nonsense to do otherwise."
Photo of Daniela Vallentin

Daniela Vallentin

"Female students sometimes need more encouragement to take the step to apply."
Photo of Ruth Weber

Ruth Weber

"Personally, I have particularly benefited from women's networks. For me, they mean above all the opportunity to exchange ideas and find female role models."
Photo of Carla Schriever

Carla Schriever

"In the context of my project Fem4scholar Mentoring I hear diverse stories almost every day that all come back to the same problem — the unequal treatment of male and female researchers."
Photo of Julien Colomb

Julien Colomb

"For me equal opportunity also means that your job allows your partner to have a career, something which is often incompatible with moving every 3 years and working extra hours."
Photo of Caterina Cocchi

Caterina Cocchi

"Having female students address me as a role model represents one of the biggest successes of my career so far."
Photo of Maurizio Roczen

Maurizio Roczen

"I am convinced that many problems concerning equal opportunities are related to gender stereotypes as well as false conceptions of what is required to successfully study a scientific subject."
Photo of Wolfgang Härdle

Wolfgang Karl Härdle

"I strongly believe that there is great value in having a diverse academic and research community, both from a gender point of view, a cultural one and of course a scientific one."



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