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IRTG 1740

Dynamical Phenomena in Complex Networks: Fundamentals and Applications
Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kurths
Coordinator David Hansmann
Contact Details +49 30 2093 7930

IRTG 1740
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Department of Physics
Newtonstraße 15
12489 Berlin

Research Programme

The IRTG 1740 is an international, Brazilian-German collaboration that studies principles of self-organisation in complex, evolving networks. In order to apply these principles in a practical context, we investigate the influence of heterogeneity in the network structure, multi-scale time delays and stochasticity.

These theoretical studies are intimately connected with the investigation of experimental and natural dynamic networks of increasing complexity ranging from infection networks to hybrid networks of neurons to the Earth’s system. In this context, the main topic is to understand how the Earth’s subsystems function under changing conditions, especially global warming and deforestation in the Amazon.

Photo courtesy of IRTG 1740

Gender equality services and support for families

We offer the following services for our members, in order to support a healthy balance of work and family duties for all, as well as to ensure that our female scientists are able to achieve their full potential:

  • Flexible childcare
  • Home office equipment
  • Coaching
  • Participation in workshops

Photos courtesy of IRTG 1740


Photos courtesy of IRTG 1740

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