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Clinical Fellows 2023 at Charité

Application deadline

Tuesday, 1 August 2023

Earliest funding start

December 2023


Stiftung Charité

Target group

Senior physicians


Marie Hoffmann |

Further information and application materials

Programme webpage

Stiftung Charité supports outstanding personalities and innovative projects from the entire spectrum of the life sciences through various programs. Some of these programs very specifically take into account the special features of career paths in university medicine with its diverse interfaces between science and the clinic. In particular, the Clinician Scientist Program, developed and initiated by the Stiftung Charité, has become known far beyond Berlin and has paved a new career path in the specialist training phase. With the Clinical Fellows program, the Stiftung Charité also aims not only to support individual personalities and projects, but also to provide structural support for transitions between science and the clinic and, in doing so, to shape appropriate career paths.

A Clinical Fellow receives funding of up to 75,000.00 euros for a total period of up to 36 months. Funding may consist of personnel and material funds that are needed to carry out the project applied for.

Person working in hospital
Photo: Ani Kolleshi

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