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efas Annual Conference Call for Proposals for Contributions

Deadline for proposals

Friday, 15 September 2023

Conference date and location

1 December 2023
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin


efas (economy feminism and science)

Featured topic

Distributional and gender equity in the health care system

Submissions and contact, max. one page per pdf

Further information

efas Call for proposals

The efas Network of Women Economists invites you to submit presentation ideas with a focus on economic gender research for the 21st efas Symposium 2023 that are at the intersection of health, work and gender. We welcome contributions from completed as well as ongoing projects at different stages of the research process.

This year’s efas symposium will focus on the question of equitable and sustainable distribution of resources in health and care. The Covid-19 pandemic is the most recent example of how a great many resources can be mobilized in a crisis, but these resources are unequally distributed or not used in a sustainable way. Workloads, levels of care, and payment within and by the health care system are riddled with inequities.

Decorative photo of health care personnell
Photo: Luis Melendez

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