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Sunday, 13 February 2022

HU Equal Opportunities Fund

Funding start

Summer semester 2022

Further information and application instructions


Applications are now open for fellowships with Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin’s Equal Opportunities Fund for summer semester 2022.

Female postdocs can receive an International Research Award (InRA) fellowship for a maximum period of nine months. Due to the pandemic, the stay abroad, which is generally required for an InRA, can be carried out online with the help of digitally supported research formats, provided that the selected host university supports the corresponding digital formats. The fellowship is meant to support intensive scientific exchange with a foreign university that is particularly renowned in the researcher’s field, with the aim of expanding the postdoc’s scientific network. Priority consideration in the selection process is given to postdocs for whom employment at Humboldt-Universität has already been applied for through the institute or faculty, but not approved by the Human Resources Department. Fellows are funded with €1,500 per month. In addition there is a monthly family allowance of €400 for one child and €100 for each additional child.

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