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CRC 951

Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Systems for Opto-Electronics (HIOS)
Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Norbert Koch
Coordinator Christian Pugatschow
Contact Details +49 30 209 36 63 80

IRIS Adlershof
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Zum Großen Windkanal 6
12489 Berlin

Research Programme

The CRC 951 – Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Systems for Opto-Electronics (HIOS) – is an interdisciplinary effort bringing together scientists with complementary expertise from three universities and two non-university institutions. The goal is the merging of inorganic semiconductors, conjugated organic materials, and metal nanostructures into novel hybrid structures. Elucidating and tailoring the fundamental chemical, electronic, and photonic interactions in these systems will enable us to develop functional elements exhibiting superior opto-electronic functionalities not achievable with any of the individual material classes alone.

Promoting gender equality and a family-friendly work environment at the CRC 951

Scientifically-oriented Gender Equality Workshop

Hybrid Interfaces: Organic meets inorganic semiconductor and female meets male research

Group photo from the HIOS Gender Equality Workshop
Group photo from the HIOS Gender Equality Workshop, 10-12 April 2017, IPA Hotel Graal-Müritz

Scientifically-oriented Gender Equality Workshop

Gender equality and providing a healthy work-life balance for members is a major concern for the CRC 951. To engage an open dialogue about individual approaches and situation-specific solutions, the CRC 951 hosts a scientifically oriented Gender Equality Workshop once per funding period, in which members of the CRC 951 and students of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin are invited to participate. The workshops are attended by female senior scientists from Germany and abroad and experts in the field of hybrid materials and are very much engaged in gender equality within the scientific community.

HIOS gender equality graphic

The invited scientists present their current research efforts in the exciting field of HIOS and at the same time share their experiences of the challenges and opportunities of being a female scientist and how they overcame gender-specific obstacles. Workshop participants are encouraged to use the opportunity to discuss both science and gender related issues for female scientists from different cultures.

The workshops are rounded off by professional coaching seminars, in which the participants receive valuable advice and suggestions for application in and outside academia with special emphasis on the situation of female scientists.


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Coaching workshops for female scientists

It is the important to the CRC 951 to support the career development of its female members. For this, the CRC organises full-day job trainings, coaching seminars, and workshops covering topics such as teamwork and leadership competencies, networking, job applications, and work-life balance. These workshops are led by professional coaches and specifically address common obstacles faced by female scientists and gender-specific strengths and strategies.

By covering participation fees, we also enable our female members to benefit from external conferences and coaching seminars geared towards female scientists, such as I, Scientist or WINS Adlershof Workshops and Mentoring.

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Photo of coaching workshop
Teamwork and leadership workshop on November 10, 2016. Photo: Jacqueline von Saldern

Measures to increase the number of female scientists in the long term

We want to raise interest in the exciting world of physics and chemistry among young female pupils, in order to increase the number of female scientists in the long term. For this reason, we’ve established new full-day scientific events for female pupils such as the Forscherinnen-Tag (Day for Female Researchers) and Schülerinnen on Tour (ancillary event for female visitors of the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften). We also participate regularly in the scientific programs of events such as Girls’Day.

The CRC 951 also offers young pupils interested in science the opportunity to do internships (usually for the duration of a week) in our various scientific projects. The pupils gain insight into the day-to-day business of a researcher, participate in group meetings, and do their own HIOS-related lab work. Although these internships are independent of gender, we particularly encourage female scientists to do internships. During our 2nd funding period 12 pupils did internships at the CRC 951, of which 9 were females. One of them won the 1st prize at the regional level of Jugend forscht for her work on dendrimer OLEDs during her internship.

In all these activities, we strongly collaborate with CLUB LISE Mentoring, the Diversity Mentoring Program of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for pupils from the 10th grade onwards interested in natural sciences.

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Photo of Day for Female Researchers
Day for Female Researchers on January 5, 2018. Photo: Maurizio Roczen
Photo of Hien Thu Vu receiving prize
Hien Thu Vu receiving the first prize at the regional level of the Jugend Forscht competition for the work she did during her internship with B14 (List-Kratochvil). Photo: Paul Zybarth

Family-friendly work environment

The CRC 951 supports its members in finding a Kitaspot in Berlin. We cooperate with day care centres (e.g. FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gGmbH), where members of CRC 951 are prioritised in receiving a Kita spot in the case of vacancies. The CRC covers the costs for prolonged opening hours and the waiving of closing times (e.g. during summer holidays). As of February 2019,  three CRC 951 families have their children in Fröbel Kitas.

In cooperation with KidsMobil we also offer a flexible and mobile childcare service to our members. This service can be used whenever additional childcare is necessary (e.g. events relevant to CRC 951, increased working hours, unavailable regular childcare, unforeseen events, etc.). As of February 2019, seven members of the CRC have taken advantage of this service and 400 hours of additional childcare have been used.

In the case of maternity or parental leave, we support our members by covering the costs for a home office system or – in special cases – for temporary substitutes.

Following the example here on METIS, the CRC 951 has bought the “Kidsbox”. The Kidsbox is a mobile parent-child room which perfectly fits in an office and provides a selection of various toys (e.g. Lego, Duplo, puzzles), books, painting materials, sleeping possibilities, and sanitary and first aid products for children of ages 1.5–7 years. The Kidsbox is on wheels can easily be moved to an office or a recreation room. The Kidsbox allows parents to bring their children to work and to entertain them with the diverse contents of the box. All members of the CRC 951 are allowed use the Kidsbox.

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Photo of researcher's child
Youngest member of the CRC 951. Photo: Philipp Herrmann

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