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Female Scholars in All Fields

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Database of qualified female scholars


All fields

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Various institutions and organisations


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These databases contain profiles of qualified female scholars in a variety of disciplines. They serve as excellent tools for finding a qualified speaker to give a lecture, more female candidates to apply for an open position in your department, members for special committees or advisory groups, reviewers for journal manuscripts, or almost any other role in academia. The goals of these databases is to facilitate an increase in gender parity in academia.

Female scholars are also encouraged to add their profiles to the databases in order to increase their visibility, as well as to nominate other qualified female researchers.

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Photo: BBH Singapore

The Databases

Fields: Wide ranging
Search terms: Field, specialisation, name, employer, city, country, date added to database
Number of profiles: Over 2800

Fields: Wide ranging
Search terms: Field, specialisation, position being searched for, experience, degree, current position
Number of profiles: Over 1900

LaKof Datenbank Professorin
Registration required

Fields: Humanities, gender studies, art and graphic work, human medicine, agriculture and veterinary science, natural sciences, social science, economics, technical subjects
Search terms: Field, position, country, activity sought for, languages, current occupation, name, institution
Number of profiles: Over 2200

Open Gender Platform
Fields: Wide ranging
Search terms: Discipline, academic status
Number of profiles: Over 90

Margarete von Wrangell-Habilitationsprogramm List of Fellows
Fields: Wide ranging
Search terms: Free search using name and field

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