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» Resource » Gender-Based and Sexualised Violence in Academia
Antidiscrimination & Empowerment

Gender-Based and Sexualised Violence in Academia

Type of resource

Informational webpage

Target group

Institutional leadership, people working gender equality, and anyone else with an interest in the topic

Gender-based and sexualised violence continues to be a problem worldwide, and unfortunately this also applies to academia. CEWS has put together a comprehensive site on this topic, with individual pages for the following topics:

  • Definitions and important terms
  • An overview of research on the topic
  • Surveys that have been conducted at institutions of higher education and methods for conducting one’s own surveys
  • Tools and resources on the topics of prevention and intervention
  • Guidelines and position papers
  • Legal information specific to Germany.

In this context, violence is understood to include not only physical violence but other forms as well. This means that hate speech and other forms of harassment are also relevant and addressed on the site.

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