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Thursday, 2 July 2020 - Saturday, 4 July 2020

EGOS Colloquium


Thursday-Saturday, 2-4 July 2020




European Group for Organisational Studies
University of Hamburg


Deadline: 28 June 2020
EGOS membership required for participation
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Further information and programme

Conference website

In 2020, the 36th EGOS Colloquium overall theme critically engages with the role and responsibility of organisations and the organised in forming – and transforming – modern societies. Organisations are often both: causes of social, economic, and environmental disruptions, and at the same time also key drivers towards a more sustainable future. It is in this way that organisations and the organised are called upon to address a broad variety of questions on how to perform economic activities in a responsible manner, and how to resist harmful, unfair, or discriminatory practices. These issues entail an array of potential dilemmas, paradoxes, complexities, contradictions, and conflicts that need our scholarly engagement, involving critical reflection and resistance.

The sub-theme “Sociomaterial Organising of Work and its Consequences for the Constitution of Diversity and Inequalities” aims to advance our understanding of the mutual constitution of diversity and related inequalities on the one hand, and the sociomaterial and temporal organising of work on the other hand. To do so, this stream seeks to encourage a debate between research on inequalities related to diversity and research on the sociomaterial and temporal organising of work. This will allow participants to investigate how gendered, racialised or otherwise asymmetrically categorised identities and group memberships are (re-)produced, shaped and (de-)stabilised by a particular division of labor, modes of task, job and organisation design and working time regimes in conjunction with further sociomaterial underpinnings such as spatial design and technological conditions.

This year’s conference will take place online and is organised by the European Group for Organisational Studies.

Photo: John T

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