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Thursday, 26 March 2020



Thursday, 26 March 2020


CRC 951 and numerous other locations in Germany and abroad

Target group

Female pupils ages 10 and older

Every year technical enterprises, enterprises with technical departments and technical training facilities, universities, and research centres are invited to organise an open day for girls – Girls’Day. Girls’Day – ‘Future Prospects for Girls’ has initiated a large campaign in which a wide range of professions and activities is presented to girls ages 10 years and older.

The CRC 951 will once again contribute to this year’s Girls’Day on 26 March 2020 with a scientific programme especially designed for female pupils. Kristina Elsner, member of the CRC 951 and technical expert on state of the art electron microscopy techniques, will give an interactive scientific presentation on the group’s research on hybrid inorganic/organic systems (HIOS) and talk about her motivation for working in the field of electron microscopy. Afterwards, the pupils will go on exciting lab tours including demonstration experiments with HIOS materials and hands-on experience with authentic experimental equipment.

Photo: Susanne Spintig

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