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Monday, 15 June 2020 - Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Informatica Feminale


June-September 2020



Target group

Women students and professionals in informatics and computer science


Center of Excellence Women in Science and Technology at Universität Bremen



English and German


Registration will open in June 2020
Register here

Participation fees


Further Information

Official website

The 23rd annual International Summer University for Women in Computing will take place online! Every year the Informatica Feminale offers compact teachings in computing and ICT for women students of all types from universities and colleges as well as for women professionals interested in further training. The processes of entering higher education, developing a student career, transitioning into the labour market and lifelong academic learning are given equal attention.

The theme of 2020 is “Boundaries of the Body”. (Women’s) bodies are sites of technological developments. Boundaries and limits become increasingly blurred: for example through the optimisation of health parameters, the digital and technical enhancement of the body, the unregulated collection of body-related data, and the bodies suffering the consequences of technology-based warfare. The Summer University 2020 aim to give space and time for critical reflections and highly welcomes experimental debates on the relationship between technological knowledge and developments in societies. Course material will deal with applications of technical know-how in spaces for work and life (for example within care, education, health, food, household, mobility, social networking, publicity, sports, militarisation, etc.) from feminist perspectives.

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