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Lecture Series: Diversity and Excellence – A Tense Relationship?!


Thursday, 24 November 2022 – Thursday, 9 February 2023


Online and in person at various Berlin universities


Berlin University Alliance (BUA)


Please contact organisers for further details


Aisha-Nusrat Ahmad;

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Even though diversity policy has become one of the core elements of organisational development in German higher education in recent years, numerous tensions remain in the implementation of diversity measures, which are in fact based on a non-inclusive view of excellence. In many cases, discrimination is not addressed by diversity measures, but rather masked by them, so that exclusionary university structures continue to exist. This lecture series is dedicated to this tension and to how diversity in institutions of higher education can be possible and which questions must be confronted. The lecture series will be hosted by the Diversity and Gender Equality Network (DiGENet) of the Berlin University Alliance’s Cross-Cutting-Themes Diversity und Gender Equality. The lectures will critically examine the tension between diversity and excellence from different (inter-)disciplinary perspectives.

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