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She Figures 2018

The European Commission recently released “She Figures 2018”, a publication that provides figures on gender equality in research and gives an overview of the current status of gender equality in the field. It counts as the most comprehensive collection of data on the number of women in academia in Europe. The report covers researchers from the level of doctoral studies up to the level senior positions and heads of institutions and takes into account factors like age and academic field. It also dedicates an entire chapter to the differing working conditions between men and women.

The publication shows that the situation has improved for female researchers in recent years. Women now make up more PhD graduates than men, and the proportion of women in senior academic positions has also seen an increase. However, it also reveals that there is still much work to be done, especially when it comes to the proportion of women in top academic positions.

A short preview of the numbers: Women made up 47.9% of doctoral graduates in the EU in 2016 and 42.1% of academic researchers in 2015. Moving into higher positions, the proportion of women steadily decreases, with 46% in grade C positions, 40% in grade B positions, and 24% in grade A positions. Women are even less well-represented in top academic positions STEM fields — only 15% precent of grade A positions were held by women in 2016.

The She Figures publication has been released every three years since 2003 and aims to provide a detailed overview and understanding of the status of gender equality in the field of Research and Innovation.

The entire publication can be viewed and downloaded here.

Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash
Graphic: She Figures, page 117.

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