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» Archive-Post » The Non-Binary Treatment of Gender in Data: Possibilities, Challenges, Perspectives
Monday, 27 September 2021 - Tuesday, 28 September 2021

The Non-Binary Treatment of Gender in Data: Possibilities, Challenges, Perspectives


Monday-Tuesday, 27-28 September 2021




Universität Bielefeld, Universität Köln, and DIW Sozio-oekonomisches Panel


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Deadline: 19 September 2021
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Since the end of 2018, the gender option “diverse” has existed in the civil status register in Germany, in addition to “male” and “female”. However, the legal recognition of the existence of more than two genders in Germany still needs to establish itself in many areas of life. For example, there are hardly any reliable and nationwide data sources for official statistics or research in Germany that record gender beyond the categories of male and female. This prevents the statistical visibility of social groups and makes it difficult or impossible for empirical research to adequately depict this aspect of social reality. The dissolution of binary gender categories in empirical research in various disciplines is therefore manifold in its consequences – on the one hand, it’s necessary and will open up numerous new research opportunities, and on the other hand its implementation in data collection will present researchers with a number of new challenges. This workshop aims to give empirical researchers in Germany and beyond the opportunity to exchange ideas about non-binary surveys of gender. Different operationalisations and data collection strategies will be discussed and experiences will be exchanged.

Photo: Omar Flores

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