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Brenda Milner Award

Brenda Milner is the renowned British-Canadian clinical neuropsychologist widely regarded as the founder of neuropsychology and as pioneer in the field of memory research. Her most famous patient was Henry Molaison – H.M.

The CRC 1315’s “Brenda Milner Award” was established to recognise an outstanding female scientist in the CRC 1315 network. The award comprises financial support amounting to 15,000 EUR for project consumables and collaborations. Depending on the number of awardees, the sum may vary.

Female members in the CRC 1315 network (Phd, Postdocs, GEROK or PI) with “member” or “associate-member” status are eligible for the prize, as well as coauthors of original papers that acknowledge CRC funding. Nominations for 2021 are open until 16 November 2020.

To learn more about Brenda Milner, please consult the following resources:

For more information on nominations for 2021, please see this flyer.

Brenda Milner. Photo courtesy of Brenda Milner, taken by Meera Paleja.
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