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Best Practice

Promoting Equal Opportunites on Your Research Alliance’s Website

Every DFG research alliance, and of course every one of our partners, is committed to providing family-friendly services to its members and promoting gender equality. Your research alliance’s website offers an excellent opportunity to inform interested parties about your equal opportunities work and the wider importance of gender equality in academia.

The CRC 1315’s website serves as an excellent example. They dedicate a whole section of their website to equal opportunities, emphasising the importance of the topic, showcasing their work, and providing relevant information to their members. It uses a blog format to keep its members up to date about all things gender equality and family friendliness. 

Mary Louise Grossman, Coordinator of CRC 1315, describes their approach: “The CRC 1315’s equal opportunity webpage was part of our website relaunch in November 2020. We chose a Berlin-based designer team, based on their track record designing our lecture series graphics and their work creating the METIS website – in particular, we liked the filter-based navigation on METIS, which is optimal for exploring complex content. In line with the trend of making web content more accessible through visual content, our website emphasises images and videos, which can be navigated with the help of filters and categories. The blog-based website helps, when necessary, bring recent content to the fore. It is a very new website with extended functionality in terms of social media. So far, we are pleased to have continuous contributions from our members, which helps showcase member activities to the public, to scientific and administrative colleagues and to our funding agency.”

Their website can be viewed here.

Screenshot of CRC 1315's equal opportunities page
Screenshot of the CRC 1315 website

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