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Gender & Diversity in Academia

Students in STEM Subjects

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Data tool



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Komm, Mach MINT


Access the tool here

How has the number of students in STEM fields developed in recent years? How many women are currently studying engineering? And what is the percentage of women who complete a degree in computer science?

With a new data tool offered by “Komm, mach MINT”, the national organisation for the promotion of women in STEM fields, you can view and analyse data on new enrolments and on graduates in those fields. Most relevant for us, the tool also offers the possibility to look at statistics by gender. The numbers are based on data from the Federal Office of Statistics, and go as far back as 1975.

Highlights from the statistics include the fact that 31% of students in all STEM subjects were women in 2018 — 338,132 out of about 1 million total students. This number is up from 203,400 female students in 2008, representing a 66% increase.

You can view the tool, as well as numerous other resources for women in STEM, on Komm, Mach MINT’s website.

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