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Gender & Diversity in Academia

Gender Statistics Database

Type of resource

Statistics database



Built by

European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)


Access the database here

The Gender Statistics Database is a project of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). It serves as a comprehensive source of knowledge for gender statistics and information on various forms of inequality and equality between women and men. The database aims to provide a centralised and comprehensive collection of data that has been processed based on gender, presented in accordance with the EU’s political priorities. It is hoped that it will provide statistical evidence on gender equality and act as a resource for anyone working on the topic. The data is either collected directly by the EIGE, is processed by the EIGE, or is gathered from EU data sources.

The database covers a wide range of topics, including work and labour, living conditions, reproductive rights, care responsibilities, and gender-based violence (to name just a few). Of special interest to us are the sections ‘Research, science, digital society’ and ‘Education, training and skills’ under ‘Thematic areas’ and ‘Education, science and research’ under ‘Women and men in decision-making’, for example. To find other entries related to gender equality in academia, you can enter relevant keywords into the search bar at the top. Examples of keywords include ‘education’, ‘research’, and ‘science’.

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