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Research on Gender & Diversity

Gendering STEM Digital – Open Educational Resources

Type of resource

Educational resource; learning materials


Intersection of STEM subjects and social/cultural studies

The project Gendering STEM Digital aims to incorporate insights from scientifically oriented gender research into STEM fields. As a part of the project, freely accessible Open Educational Resources (OER) were developed and placed online. A major goal of the OER is to inspire reflection on gender-related topics in the natural and technical sciences. It is hoped that they will make gender topics more accessible for students in STEM fields and serve as a bridge between the knowledge and methods in STEM and those in social science and cultural studies.

The OER were designed to be easily implemented into university teaching, especially in STEM fields. They explain the complexities of gender-related topics in a simplified way. Instructors can use the course materials to serve their own teaching/learning goals and have the freedom to develop their own methodologies for teaching them.

The Open Educational Resources contain seven individual lessons, which can be worked on in any order.

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