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Antidiscrimination & Empowerment

LGBTI Knowledge Portal

Type of resource

Website with information in various media on LGBTI topics


Healthcare research, social research, gender studies

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Netzwerk* Sexuelle und geschlechtliche Diversität


Find the knowledge portal here

This website offers a variety of resources on topics surrounding LGBTI issues, with a special emphasis on healthcare, research, and social participation. It includes an online catalogue of resources, with links to the websites of initiatives, organisations, and archives. Those websites contain publications, videos, informational brochures, infographics, and training. Further, the Knowledge Portal has its own “repositorium”, a bibliography of publications. And lastly, the video library features videos on topics ranging from healthcare for trans* and inter* people to the needs and priorities of queer women to gender identity more broadly.

The website is aimed at researchers, graduates, students and all those in the LGBTI community.

Photo: Markus Spiske

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