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Diversity & Gender Sensitive Teaching

Toolbox Gender and Diversity in Teaching

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Collection of information on gender and diversity in teaching


All fields

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Freie Universität Berlin


Access the toolbox here

This toolbox provides everything you need to know to make your teaching more gender and diversity conscious. Start your visit at the starter kit with a beautifully designed introductory video on gender- and diversity-sensitive teaching, guides to gender-neutral language for both English and German, and gender- and diversity-conscious use of images in teaching materials. The toolbox also includes sections on teaching skills and methods, including didactic principles and planning and evaluation methods. The “Teaching and Study Content” section provides you with ways to integrate research findings from gender and diversity into your teaching in other fields and highlights the relevance of gender and diversity research to all fields. The Resources section provides a glossary, a short article on the legal underpinnings of gender and diversity in teaching on the Berlin level, the national level, EU level, and international level. There’s even a quiz so you can test what you already know or what you’ve learned after browsing the site!

This excellent collection of information and resources contains essential reading for anyone involved with teaching work. Pages are available in English and German.

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