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Gender & Diversity in Academia

She Figures

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European Commission


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This publication provides figures on gender equality in research and gives an overview of the current status of gender equality in the field. It counts as the most comprehensive collection of data on the number of women in academia in Europe. The report covers researchers from the level of doctoral studies up to the level senior positions and heads of institutions and takes into account factors like age and academic field. It also dedicates an entire chapter to the differing working conditions between men and women.

She Figures has been released every three years since 2003 and aims to provide a detailed overview and understanding of the status of gender equality in the field of Research and Innovation.


Even though the number of women doctoral graduates has continued to grow, women remain under-represented at the highest level of academia, marking only small improvements:

“At European level, the number of women Doctoral graduates has continued to grow gradually over recent years. However, horizontal gender segregation persists in certain fields of education, with women Doctoral graduates in the EU still over-represented in the field of Education and under-represented in the broad fields of ICT and Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction, and several narrow fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)”

The report also flags critical working conditions into account, which are especially significant in omni-present precarious contracts during early career stages.

The entire publication can be viewed and downloaded here.

Previous years

She Figures has been released every three years since 2003. Publications from previous years can be accessed below:


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