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Gender & Diversity in Academia

Women* in the Humanities

Type of resource

Interview series


Humanities, especially history

This webpage contains a large collection of interviews (as well as a few articles), all on the topic of being a woman* in academia. The interviews and articles aim to look critically at the topic of equal opportunities and address questions such as why women* are still underrepresented in higher ranking positions in academia. They also take a look at everyday life in academia, with the culture of competition being a recurring theme.

The interviewees come from fields in the humanities (with a particular emphasis on history) and are at various stages in their careers — from PhD students to professors and department heads to the president of Humboldt Universität zu Berlin herself.

The interviews are available online in text or video format here.

Collage of images from interview footage
Photo: Zeitgeschichte Online, interview stills.

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