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Recruiting & Hiring

Unbiased Recruiting & Hiring

Biases are problematic on a multitude of levels. They block progress in hiring excellent researchers and scientists and feed into underlying sexist and racist structures in our society and the scientific system. This is why awareness for gender- and diversity-sensitive recruiting and hiring must be raised and cultivated.

This short video clip of the Research Centers of Catalonia shows that women remain ain a minority at the group leader levels at universities and research facilities and explains the problem.

Job advertisements and recommendations

Even before any job interview there are plenty of hurdles to take for both future employees as well as the employers. There are some helpful digital tools making it easy to examine if your job advertisement or recommendation letter reproduces gender stereotypes:

Gender Decoder

Gender Bias Calculator

Libra Recruitment Handbook

For more extensive information on the topic we recommend the Libra Recruitment Handbook to improve your knowledge on transparent and and unbiased recruitment processes.

Unconscious Bias in Appointment Procedures

The Universität der Künste Berlin released this comprehensive brochure to ensure that selection, recruitment and appointment procedures at the UdK Berlin are carried out professionally and as free as possible from bias effects and errors of perception. This brochure helps those involved to develop a greater awareness in this area.

Unconscious Bias

For more general information on unconscious bias we suggest viewing Proferssor Marika Taylor’s lecture from the University of Southampton on the topic.

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