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Gender & Diversity in Academia

Humboldt Chancengleich

The magazine Humboldt Chancengleich is published once a year by the Office of the Central Women’s Representative at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and focusses on various topics of interest in the area of gender equalities and equal opportunities.

The 2021 issue’s theme is “Women – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” and includes portraits of women working on various fronts of the fight for equality and a feature interview with Dagmar Reim. It also includes several articles on how the pandemic has affected the feminist cause, including the challenges of balancing a PhD with family during corona, the effects of home office, and the retraditionalising of women during the pandemic. A further thread running through this year’s magazine is black feminism, both in the German context and in the US-American context of Black Lives Matter.

The publication can be viewed as a PDF here.

Screenshot of cover of Humboldt Chancengleichheit 2021
From the cover of this year’s issue of Humboldt Chancengleich

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