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Flexible Child Care

Flexible Child Care can be made available during conferences, workshops, and in emergency cases such as a child getting sick. It is also available during fringe working hours and holiday periods when there is no regular child care available, if your presence in the project is needed. It cannot be used to provide regular child care unless there are clearly too few childcare places, as is often the case for children under the age of two or three. The caregiver will take care of the child either at home or in a suitable place agreed on with the parents.

Further information

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin has contracts with two external providers for flexible childcare: KidsMobil and Kinderwelt. If you need further information or want to use this service, please contact the Family Support Office to enquire about their specific conditions:, Tel.: (030) 2093-20015.

You can find further information on the HU’s flexible childcare service here.

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