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Remembering Prof. Dr. Beate Meffert

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin mourns the recent passing of Prof. Dr. Beate Meffert, Senior Professor in the Department of Computer Science and driving force behind gender equality at the university.

Prof. Dr. Meffert had been a part of Humboldt-Universtät zu Berlin since the 1970s – she completed her PhD and habilitation there and later became a professor and joined the Department of Computer Science. In addition to her impressive work in research and teaching, Prof. Dr. Meffert devoted herself intensely to gender equality and the promotion of women both at the HU and in the city of Berlin more widely. She was an important part of the founding and long-term support of the FINCA network (Frauen in der Naturwissenschaften am Campus Adlershof; ‘Women in the Natural Sciences on the Adlershof Campus’) and of all gender equality events on the Adlershof campus. She established herself as the point of contact at the HU for questions surrounding the promotion of women in STEM fields.

Prof. Dr. Meffert won’t be forgotten. Her contributions to science, to our university, and to gender equality will remain an example for us all.

To learn more about Prof. Dr. Meffert’s career and contributions, please visit these pages from the Department of Computer Science and the Central Women’s Representative.

Photo of Prof. Dr. Beate Meffert
Prof. Dr. Beate Meffert. Photo: Mohamed Tahoun

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