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Tuesday, 29 September 2020 - Wednesday, 30 September 2020

STEM Strategies 4.0: Closing Conference


Tuesday-Wednesday, 29-30 September 2020



Conference fee



MINT Strategien 4.0 and partners

Registration and contact

Registration deadline: 7 September 2020
Beatrix Ehrensperger
Email: | Tel.: 089 1265-3964

Target group

Researchers with a focus in STEM, women’s and gender studies, and education research; equal opportunities workers; organisers of STEM offers; and teachers in STEM fields

Further information


STEM subjects are still not attractive enough for young women at institutions of higher education, and projects that aim to increase the number of women in STEM subjects often don’t reach their target audience. In the project “STEM Strategies 4.0 – Strategies for getting women into STEM courses of study at universities of applied science” the following argument was pursued: STEM projects need to orient themselves towards the heterogenous life situations of female STEM students, and the development of project evaluations can support their goals.

The goal of this closing conference is to create a forum for discussing the results of the project and the possibilities for changing the culture in STEM fields to be more gender fair. At the centre of the conference are the following questions: How can we rethink efforts to promote and support women in times of digitalisation and societal diversification? And what practical consequences does this have for gender equality measures at institutions of higher education?

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