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Wednesday, 8 September 2021 - Friday, 10 September 2021

Thinking Digitally About Diversity


Wednesday-Friday, 8-10 September 2021




Zentrum für Lehrerbildung der Universität Münster


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Digitalisation and diversity are very relevant and socially significant issues in educational policy – both in teacher education and beyond. The aim of this conference is to look at the two areas together: How do digitalisation and diversity influence, complement, and strengthen each other? In exploring this question, the following perspectives will be illuminated in particular:

How can diversity be addressed with the help of digital media?

  • What (new) opportunities for internal differentiation or individual support arise from digitalisation?
  • What contribution can digitalisation make to inclusion and accessibility?
  • To what extent are transitions facilitated by digital concepts?

Can we use digital media to practise, test and learn about how to work with diversity?

  • What role do exercises with virtual/augmented reality scenarios (VR/AR) play in dealing competently with heterogeneous learning groups?
  • Are instructional video vignettes suitable for learning how to deal with heterogeneous groups?
  • How can other digital tools help us learn how to work in and with heterogeneous groups?

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