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The Forscherinnen-Tag (Day for Female Researchers) is a full-day scientific event for female pupils, aimed at stirring their interest in chemistry and physics. It was established in 2016 by the CRC 951 in collaboration with Club Lise Mentoring and takes place every year. During the Forscherinnen-Tag, female pupils visit the Departments of Chemistry and Physics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and learn about current research topics related to the CRC. They take part in interactive presentations, lab visits, and experiments and gain hands-on experience with authentic equipment (e.g., synthesis of molecular switches, studying surfaces with a scanning electron microscope). The participating scientists (who are mostly female) share their individual experiences as students and researchers with the pupils and provide information on studying physics or chemistry. The Forscherinnen-Tag closes with a presentation of the mentoring programme at Club Lise as well as information and discussions about studying physics or chemistry and future prospects as a scientist.

For more information and impressions, see the CRC 951’s website and last year’s flyer.

Photo of pupils participating in Forscherinnen-Tag
Third Forscherinnen-Tag on 5 October 2018. Photo: Maurizio Roczen

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