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The “Action Potentials” Series

Gender inequity and insufficient diversity in STEM are stubborn problems with multiple causes spanning the entire career. While institutional solutions are crucial, there is also potential for individuals to take action within their own sphere of influence.

The “Action Potentials” series, developed by the EXC NeuroCure, aims to empower neuroscientists with easy-to-implement tools to take action in areas where EDI-relevant problems are known to occur. This evolving list of recommendations addresses areas that researchers themselves can impact directly, namely, interactions with team members and the research itself.

Each Action Potential is a unit of information on a single topic that contains a brief summary of the issue, a few carefully selected resources for taking action, and some scientific publications on the topic. With this condensed format, NeuroCure hopes to encourage even busy scientists to take action!

To view current Action Potential posts, see here.

Read more about NeuroCure’s Equal Opportunity and Diversity Coordinator Kimberly Mason and find out about the promotion of equal opportunities with our partner EXC 2049. You can find her METIS Interview here.

“Action Potential” Series developed by NeuroCure

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