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Support with Routine Academic Tasks

In Collaborative Research Centres (CRCs), subproject leaders who are on leave or working part time due to family responsibilities (such as maternity leave, parental leave, or caring for a child or other relative) can be relieved of project-specific routine duties (including project management) with gender equality funds. The funds can be used for hiring temporarily employed, qualified personnel. Additionally, a substitute can be hired to take over these tasks for research staff in CRCs who are on parental or pregnancy leave.

In (International) Research Training Groups, researchers with family responsibilities can be relieved of routine tasks in their field of work.

Funds can be used to hire personnel who provide support with academic and professional tasks, i.e. assistants, postdocs, MTSV. If, for example, a pregnant researcher is not allowed to work in the laboratory anymore due to safety precautions, student workers can be employed.

For further information, please contact the coordinator of your research alliance.

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