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Women in Science Network Conference

The Women in Science Network Conference, organised in part by the RTG 1772, had two main objectives: providing opportunities for inspiring discussions on cutting edge research and fostering networking, particularly amongst female scientists. The organisers, which included the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and various research alliances, hoped to promote the visibility of female scientists and stimulate interactions between them.

The scientific focus of the conference was on molecular mechanisms controlling gene expression covering chromatin regulation and RNA metabolism, computational systems biology and therapeutic perspectives. In addition to an outstanding scientific programme with renowned speakers from collaborative research networks, the event offered a platform for considering different aspects of gender equality and career progression with representatives from the DFG, EMBO, AcademiaNet and the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (DHV). The sessions included “Speed Networking”, a workshop on how to become a professor, as well as round table discussion on the current issues and advances in academic career development for women in Germany.

For more information and impressions from the conference, see the conference website.

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